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Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
Core Lib The Core library of the JRebirth Framework
Components Convenient components to use with JRebirth Core
Application Archetype JRebirth Archetype used to build a new fresh application
Sample Application Built with JRebirth Framework
Prez Engine Base files to build a JavaFX slide's presentation
Transition A set of beautiful & powerful transition
Distribution Module used to package the full JRebirth distribution
FXForm Integration of FXForm into JRebirth
Undo/Redo Provide Undo/Redo features for JRebirth commands
Analyzer An application used to analyze JRebirth logs
Undo Redo Sample application to describe Undo Redo features
FXML Sample application to describe JRebirth FXMLUndo features
JRebirth Showcase Set of Showcase Application for live documentation and used as integration test
preloader JRebirth Preloader for JavaFX applications